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Earthworks, professional preparation of soil and ground for construction of houses and roads. We carry out excavations for foundations and sewers as well as works related to underground installations. We perform all earthworks with the help of professional construction equipment.

Earthmoving works - preparation of land for development

Earthmoving works are a basic activity, necessary to prepare the ground for construction, houses, roads, or to lay foundations for aboveground buildings. Earthworks are an important part of construction works that should be considered when planning the investment.

As part of earthmoving works, our company deals in the removal, transport and shaping of natural soil. All works are carried out in accordance with the project and regulations. We carry out works using professional construction equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, crushers or trucks with semitrailers. In the case of hard ground with a rocky or stony structure, we also use explosives. In situations where the environment does not allow the use of equipment, or the ground is loose and loose, work is done manually.

Types of earthmoving works - excavations and embankments

Earthmoving works are carried out in situations where we want to perform:

  • underground constructions
  • foundations for aboveground buildings
  • work related to underground installations
  • excavations for sewers, electrics, gas pipes and others

Earthmoving works are also all kinds of embankments, that is works that serve to compact the surface for roads, or to eliminate all ditches and holes, as well as to shape the terrain.

While carrying out earthworks, security is important to us. High mountains of land and deep trenches can contribute to various types of accidents. As a company with extensive experience, which acts responsibly, we secure the construction site, which reduces the risk of overfilling or falling into the resulting pits.


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