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We offer high quality gravel, aggregate, humus, sand and concrete rubble. We provide the necessary materials for the production of concrete mix, masonry, backfilling foundations and surface hardening.

High-quality gravel and aggregates for construction applications

Kamix offers gravel for various applications in the construction industry. We sell and process high-quality natural aggregates complying with the requirements of both Polish and European standards. We stand out for high quality, reliability and responsibility.

Our offer includes:

  • gravel, aggregates
  • humus
  • backfill sand
  • concrete/brick rubble

Gravel for construction works and the construction industry

Gravel is a material that is used in building construction, road construction and the production of ready-mixed, architectural and floor concrete, construction and prefabricated accessories. It is also used as a material for substructure, embankments, or elements of architecture. We know that the construction market is very demanding because that is why our gravel does not contain contaminants in the form of pieces of wood, or coal.

We offer gravel of the following diameters:

  • 0/2 mm
  • 2/8 mm
  • 8/16 mm
  • 16/32 mm

High quality aggregate - an essential component of building mixtures

The aggregate we offer, i.e. sand and gravel, is an essential component of the concrete mix. It has a very big influence on concrete properties.

The prime characteristics of our aggregate are its hardness, durability and high resistance to frost. It does not contain organic pollutants which greatly affects its quality.

Humus, mold, sand backfill, concrete/brick rubble –
high quality components for construction work

Our humus, which is also known as mold, has a huge impact on growth of plants and size of yield, because it enables the plants to absorb the necessary mineral substances contained in the soil. Humus helps to maintain humidity, it affects the growth of bacteria and inhibits all kinds of disease.

We also offer backfill sand. This material is ideal for bricklaying, plastering, construction work, or backfilling of foundations and for developing a sewer system and water supply system.

Concrete/brick rubble which we obtain from demolition is an ideal building material. It is suitable for ballast under floors, concrete and road coatings, building foundations, or any surface hardening.


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