Transport Krajowy / Międzynarodowy

National and

We provide reliable transport services of cargo with universal dimensions and large size. We have a modern fleet of trucks, equipped with GPS. We provide stability and safety of the transported goods.

National and international transport services

Kamix offers professional and comprehensive transport services. We transport loads of universal and bulky size. We have an experienced and qualified team of professional drivers who have the appropriate permissions to carry cargo of various dimensions. We provide professional delivery and acceptance of cargo across Poland and countries of the European Union, in particular the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. We have ISO certificate and ADR qualifications.

We have been providing services since 2013, focusing on a modern fleet of trucks equipped with GPS and solutions to ensure the stability and security of transported goods. Each item is also additionally covered with insurance.

Experienced drivers and diverse fleet is the guarantee of transport services safety

Core values that we follow include thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. We analyze carefully every order for transport services, selecting the suitable rolling stock and the fastest and safest routes. We are able to offer experience and unconventional actions of our drivers. So, even in the event of adverse road conditions, accidents, closed roads, or other events, they will be able to suggest solutions to provide transport.

At the same time, during the execution of the order, we are in constant contact with our customers, so we can provide a fast flow of information about the stages of order execution.

Our fleet consists of standard and mega truck tractors with semitrailers. All vehicles are in working order, they have valid MoTs, and before each route they are carefully checked in technical terms. Each item is properly protected, so we provide delivery of the cargo intact.


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