Construction concrete is the most popular and common building material. We offer the highest quality of concrete mixes, manufactured according to the latest technologies, mortar, reconstruction stabilization, screed and concrete flooring.

Construction concrete - a guarantee of durability
of construction projects

Since 2013, Kamix has been providing ready-mixed concrete to many projects in Poland. Since the very beginning, we have put emphasis on modern technologies that produce high-quality concrete. Thus, the designs made of our concrete are durable, safe, waterproof and moisture resistant. What distinguishes us in the marketplace are appropriate certificates of Institute of Building Materials and Concrete Technology which ensure high quality of concrete and the technologies applied for its production.

Our offer includes:

  • plain concrete, ready-mixed concrete, construction concrete of different types
    and compressive strength from C8/10 to C35/45
  • mortars
  • stabilization and substructures
  • screed and floor concrete

Kamix - production of concrete according to the best standards

Our concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, water, and chemical admixtures which affect the final texture. Depending on the type of concrete purpose, type of exposure, specific tightness and durability, we use different proportions of the indicated components.

Well-chosen mix of concrete is a decision that pays off over the years. This is especially important when we want to avoid cracks in the concrete which in turn can lead to abnormal bearing capacity of structural elements.

Concrete creates a compact structure. It is bonded and strengthened with reinforcement steel. This means that at the stage of manufacture of concrete mix, it is worth paying attention to its quality and composition, as in the case of cracking, chipping and solid disturbance, you cannot replace parts of it.

Fast and safe transportation of construction concrete to the place of investment

We also provide own professional transport of construction concrete and concrete mixtures across Poland, up to 70 km from Strzelce Krajeńskie. Each batch of concrete sent to customers has the necessary documents confirming its high quality and compliance with PN-EN 206 standards and VAT invoice.

Our machine park includes vehicles to transport concrete and 24 m transport and pump vehicles and 36 meters pumps.


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